Accent and Dialect Coach, Tim Charrington

Accent & Dialect Coach, Actor and Director

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As an actor, I understand how vital it is to the performance to speak with confidence in an appropriate and authentic dialect.  Maybe you're an American attempting a Mauritian accent - or a perhaps a Londoner attempting 1940s RP - in any case, the challenge can be daunting.

Directors and Producers also recognise the importance of dialect to their production – and the difficulty of achieving a consistency across the whole cast for a given location or period.

Having been teaching dialects for over 30 years, I have extensive knowledge and a huge library of accents - past and present - from around the world.

And with a background as a professional actor and director, not only can I guide you in the subtleties of learning a new accent, I can also help you develop that accent in a way appropriate to the character you are playing.

So, if you're playing a part, have an audition or just want to add an accent to your repertoire, I can help.

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